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Culture War


People behind the Culture War

      The Culture War is a clash of ideas about what one believes to be  true, and others with different view points.  Your experiences, family, friends, education, and the media help to form your belief system, or World View.   

Your WORLD VIEW determines where you stand in Culture War.
Everyone has a world view: educated or uneducated, religious or non-religious, rich or poor, liberal or conservative.  Your basic beliefs form your world view placing you on one side of the Culture War.  These basic beliefs come from the following questions: Who am I?  Where did I come from?  What happens when I die?  Is there a God? Where did the universe come from?  What is truth?  What are good and evil? What is my purpose?  How you answer these basic questions forms a viewpoint or your reality from which you evaluate and make sense  out of all data of life and the world.

For the past 150 years new ideas and discoveries in science have challenged the traditional Christian World View, that God created the Earth, Sun, Moon, the stars and all life on Earth.  Dr. D. James Kennedy has said, "The Cultural War is a difference in the World Viewpoints between believers and non-believers of Christ." 

The Cultural War has been formed and defined by a number of discovers and new theories that were developed in the 19th and 20th centuries, that have molded the present day mind set of American Society.  New discoveries in the past ten years are casting some doubt on theories of the past two centuries.  While some are eager to latch onto the new ideas, many others are still holding onto the old ideas and values of the past.  A recent national poll that asked, "Do you believe there is a God?"  Eighty five percent of Americans that answered the question, said "Yes" they do believe in a supreme being, which becomes a central world view defining the Culture War in America.      

The Culture War web site explores the various ideas that have been developed, which challenge the Traditional Values, that most Americans believe in.  We will look back and trace the origins of this division, and how it started. In the 2004 election many voters expressed their reason for voting was based on "Values".  Values of what is right and wrong, good and evil are central to the Culture War debate.  We will seek to define and understand these "Values" which are different between the Christian and secular atheists viewpoints.  There seems to be so much anger and bitterness in the secular part of our society and a deep concern in the Christian sector for the future of our country.  We will attempt explore the viewpoints from both sides.  The Culture War will shape the moral values of American Society for decades to come. 

The Culture War is one of the most important debates in our society today.   In politics it has become the Red States versus the Blue States.

EVOLUTION: The Theory of Evolution versus Biblical Creation.

The BIG BANG: versus God's Creation as told in Genesis.

The Age of the Universe: the Genesis Story versus Modern Astronomy.

The Theory of Relativity, Physics affect on Social Morals.

Women's Rights and Abortion on demand.

The Kinsey Report, the Pill & the Playboy Philosophy versus Biblical Teachings. 

The Gay Rights Movement:  Moral Values of Gays versus Christian Moral Values. 

Activist Judges and the ACLU:  How the courts are undermining our Democratic Republic form of government.  

Sex and Violence in the Media shape the American Moral Code. 

Socialism, Communism or Capitalism what is best for America. 

Socialism and Slavery America is heading back to Slavery.

Christianity verse Islam is Islam a threat to America?

Jefferson - Separation of Church and StateFree to Pray web site explores  the School Prayer issue, the First Amendment, and the Separation of Church and State phrase.  The history of religion in schools and the effects that have occurred since school prayer was removed over 40 years ago.

Voting Map 2004 Presidental Election
The map shows 2004 presidential race, the Republican counties in Red, and the Democratic counties in Blue.  Most of rural America voted Republican, while urban areas tended to vote Democratic.  Republicans tend to be more conservative with traditional religious values then Democratic voters who lean toward more liberal ideas.  

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